Structural Durability Testing

Structural Durability Testing


Navistar Proving Grounds has structural durability testing experience with the following vehicle types:

  • Passenger cars and light trucks
  • Heavy trucks (straight trucks and tractors)
  • Buses and motor coaches
  • Recreational vehicles (motor homes [class A], van chassis based [class C], travel trailers)
  • Commercial trailers (e.g., van, flatbed, tank and container chassis)
  • Military vehicles
  • School buses
  • Medium-duty commercial trucks (e.g., delivery trucks and ambulances)

Navistar Proving Grounds provides a complete vehicle structural durability testing facility and support services, including design engineering and FEA:

  • Road profile capability (real-world correlation to the durability course using accelerometer and strain gage data)
  • Multiple road surfaces (chatter, impact, cobblestone, undulating, resonance road surfaces, high speed oval, gravel, body/chassis twist event and off-road surfaces)
  • Durability route and mileage amounts tailored to specific customer needs
  • 24-hour-per-day mileage accumulation provided
  • Seven-day-per-week mileage accumulation available
  • Data acquisition systems and instrumentation available
  • Ballast (load simulation) provided as required
  • Road or public roadway mileage accumulation available
  • Cold weather mileage accumulation available (November through March)

Navistar Proving Grounds has trained personnel skilled in supporting vehicle structural durability testing:

  • Technicians experienced in vehicle preparation, including initial inspections, vehicle buildup, ballast installation, in-test inspections and vehicle repairs, among others
  • Mileage accumulation drivers
  • Engineers experienced in coordinating durability mileage accumulation programs, route selection and road profile determination, data analysis and test report preparation