SoMat eDAQ

The SoMat eDAQ is a compact, rugged data acquisition system that is ideal for testing in very harsh environments. It is a completely sealed unit that can withstand repeated exposure to extreme environmental elements. It has been tested to withstand a swept sine wave of 20 Gs. The eDAQ uses Ethernet-based communications, which allows for both unattended data acquisition and networking of multiple systems for extremely high channel counts.

SoMat eDAQ Lite Data Acquisition Hardware

The SoMat eDAQ Lite is a very compact, light-weight version of the larger eDAQ.  Its small footprint makes it the system of choice where space is a premium.  The eDAQ Lite has a lower channel count but offers the same great specifications as its big brother.

SoMat eDAQ has the following capabilities:
  • Wide operational input voltage of 10 to 60 volts
  • AC or DC powered
  • Wireless Ethernet capability
  • Supports a wide range of input types including:
    • o Bridge
    • o Encoders
    • o ICP
    • o LVDT
    • o Thermocouples, etc.
  • Supports analog, digital, pulse and CAN bus inputs
  • Simultaneous sampling of low-level and high-level channels
  • Sample rates up to 50k Hertz with 16-bit ADC
  • Supports simultaneous data collection mode, including:
    • o Burst mode
    • o Peak/Valley matrix
    • o Rainflow
    • o Time history
  • Sample rates can be defined on a per-channel basis
  • Excitation can be defined on a per-channel basis

Data can be provided in other formats such as Excel.