Load Cell Fabrication

Navistar Proving Grounds has the equipment, experience and expertise to fabricate custom load cells for specialized testing requirements. Whether large or small, a wide variety of vehicle components can be turned into load cells. Navistar Proving Grounds can fabricate load cells designed for extreme environmental or high temperature applications.

Components that have been converted into load cells:
  • Class 3 trailer hitch
  • 30K trailer axles
  • Class 8 tractor exhaust after-treatment system
  • Class 8 tractor suspension components
  • Tractor leaf springs
  • Brake caliper anchor brackets
  • Brake caliper slide pins
  • Brake pads and shoes
  • Park brake cables and actuators
  • Brake booster and master cylinder components
  • Tie rods and steering components
  • Engine mounting hardware

Brake Slide Pin instrumented for load and torque

Steering Knuckle Load

Master Cylinder Bolts

    Booster Output Rod

    Park Brake Lever