AIC Fuel Flow Meter

Increasing fuel economy and reducing emissions are common goals in the effort to “go green.” AIC flow meters can assist in that effort. These meters are used for precision measurement of fuel consumption for either gasoline or diesel engines up to 700 horsepower. The measurement cells produce 2,000 digital pulses per liter of fuel used for extremely accurate measurements. These meters can be used with any data acquisition system capable of counting digital pulses.

The gas flow meters can be used on a wide variety of fuel system configurations. They can also be used to measure ethanol fuel blends.

The diesel flow meters utilize an internal pump to draw fuel from the tank and recirculate it through a heat exchanger inside the unit to ensure uniform fuel temperature throughout the system. This uniform fuel temperature helps ensure proper engine operation and precise fuel consumption measurements.

A total of six AIC flow meters are available for simultaneous data collection on multiple vehicles. This helps maintain consistency of test results when comparing and contrasting different vehicle configurations.