Buildings & Equipment

A total of 76,000 square feet of garage and office area make up the Navistar Proving Grounds facility. Facilities and equipment are made up of an ever-changing list, but some of the more significant features include:

  • Customer office and garage space: Office space as well as dedicated customer garages with special security features are available as required for both passenger cars and large vehicles.
  • Machine shop: Fully equipped shop including lathes, assorted drill presses, vertical mill, abrasive cutoff saw, surface grinder, 20-ton hydraulic press, vertical and horizontal band saws, assorted grinders and sanding wheels, etc.
  • Welding: Dedicated welding room with portable TIG, MIG, stick and gas welders. Both steel and aluminum capabilities are available.
  • Alignment equipment: Four-wheel electronic car/light truck alignment system, heavy truck wheel alignment machine.
  • Vehicle hoists: An assortment of light vehicle and heavy truck hoists, two outdoor inspection pits and portable heavy truck (64,000 lb. capacity) hoists.
  • Overhead cranes: Two-ton to 20-ton capacity overhead cranes are available.
  • Cold room: A 24-by-28-foot refrigerated cold room is available for low temperature evaluations (20 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Tool crib: A fully stocked tool crib with a wide variety of hardware, fittings, specialized tools and general supplies is located on-site for the efficiency and convenience of our customers and staff.
  • Truck axle scales: 60,000-pound total capacity with hard copy printout.
  • Portable wheel load scales: 20,000-pound capacity single wheel scales.
  • Small vehicle electronic wheel scales: 5,000 pound per wheel capacity with hard copy printout.
  • Procurement: The Navistar Proving Grounds operates a daily procurement service to deliver or pick up hardware as needed to support testing activities.
  • Vehicle delivery and acquisition: Navistar owns and operates light vehicle hauling equipment for coast-to-coast service.
  • Event hosting: Special uses of the facility may be arranged through test site coordinators. (Events have included 2008 HTUF Hybrid Truck Users Forum National Conference, Northwestern University Accident Recreation and Studebaker Drivers Club.)
  • Other equipment and facilities include: Front-end loader, road grader, dump truck, snowplows, salt spreaders, tractors, on-site fuel station, two conference rooms and wash bay.